REF: Stories from the weekend (documentary)

We are proud to have worked with BT Sport in producing Ref: Stories From the Weekend,  featuring the most in-depth look ever taken at the world of referees.  Following the men and women in close up, from top flight venues of The Premiere League to Sunday morning games in rowdy parks around the country the Dunlop Goodrich production team shot the referees and the die hard fans, battling to have their different voices heard, voices and sounds that reflect everything that’s  great and what’s not so great at all levels of our modern game.  Directed by Daryl Goodrich with Grant Best as executive producer the DG post production team headed by Dan Merry captured all the energy and emotions of the people we love to hate on the weekend. Now playing on BT Sport… we hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it.

Client – BT Sport
Executive Producer – Grant Best
Director – Daryl Goodrich
Writer/Producer – Tom Watts
Assistant Director – Dan Merry
Production manager – Ben Walker
Editor – Becky Way